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Clear Braces

An affordable way to improve your smile

Reviewed by Edward Kwon, DDS | Updated January 22nd, 2023

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Modern technology has given us amazing improvements in orthodontics. Clear braces are far different than metal braces and headgear – in fact, they’re hardly noticeable. While not always an option, clear braces can be used to straighten your teeth, dramatically improving your smile.

The process begins by scanning your mouth with a 3d mapping tool. This allows doctors and technicians to design and manufacture a series of plastic retainers specifically for your mouth. You will be mailed a set of braces, and will regularly change the braces every 1-2 weeks to make small adjustments to your teeth over time.  Over the course of several months, these clear braces can make dramatic improvements to your bite and smile.

Ask your dentist if you would make a good candidate for clear braces.

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